How to get Bitcoins: 5 Easy Methods and Extras for 2023

how to get bitcoins

Now that you are looking how to get bitcoins, it means you have already started looking into the future of money. Though it seems a speculative digital asset right now, this will be changed in the future. That’s a discussion for another time.

Let’s get back to the topic. How to get Bitcoins?

The Best 5 methods to get Bitcoin in 2023 are:

  1. Buy Bitcoin with Credit/ Debit Card
  2. Buy Bitcoin with Bank Deposits (Wire transfers)
  3. Collect Altcoins and Exchange to Bitcoin
  4. Work and get paid in Bitcoin
  5. Earn Bitcoins with content creation

Keep reading till the end if you want to get into the details of how to get Bitcoins with these 5 methods.

Before diving into the details, it’s better you have an understanding what Bitcoin really is. Most of the people who are getting into Bitcoin does not really understand what Bitcoin really is and they are looking at Bitcoin for the wrong reasons. Therefore, you should Click Here first to understand about Bitcoin and then come back again to this article.

Now that you know what Bitcoin is, let’s see how to get bitcoins. Be patient and read carefully. You’ve come to the right place.

Buy Bitcoin with Credit Card

Buying bitcoins online is the easiest way to get bitcoins if you want to get them fast.

Before buying Bitcoins, you need to get a Bitcoin Wallet. There are two types of Bitcoin Wallets.

                1. Custodial Bitcoin Wallets
                2. Non-custodial Bitcoin Wallets

Learn about Bitcoin Wallets.

Now that you have a Bitcoin Wallet, you can proceed to the next step. There are tons of services who offer options to buy Bitcoins with Credit/ Debit Cards. Choosing the most suitable service for you might be important depending on your country or region.

Coinbase, CexIO, Coinmama, Spectrocoin, Indacoin, Bitpanda, Bittylicious are some famous and longtime operating services who offer bitcoin with credit/ debit cards. Binance, the most famous and the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world now also has the option to buy bitcoin with credit/ debit cards. Nowadays almost all the cryptocurrency exchanges facilitate their users to buy Bitcoin with credit/ debit cards using third party services like Simplex. You may chose any of these services and purchase bitcoin with your credit/ debit card.. Make sure to go through their fee structures and available countries before choosing your preferred one.

Pros: Convenient and buy instantly from anywhere in the world.
Cons: Fees are relatively high. You have to go through a KYC (Know Your Customer) process before the initial purchase.

Buy Bitcoin with Bank Deposits (Wire transfers)

This is a good option if you want to spend less fees for buying Bitcoins. Most services who offer credit/ debit card deposits also support bank deposits.

Most trusted services are Coinbase, Bittrex, Kraken and Bitstamp.

Pros: Lesser fees.
Cons: Takes more time. You should go through an initial KYC process.

Collect Altcoins and Exchange to Bitcoin

This is the best method if you don’t like to risk investing your life savings into Bitcoin.

There are free cryptocurrency giveaways called Airdrops. The creators of new cryptocurrency projects usually do airdrops to create more awareness for their project. If you can stay alert on these airdrops, you can collect these free coins and exchange those with Bitcoin. Sometimes you’ll have to do some small tasks like following their social medial pages etc. to get these free airdrops. With this method you won’t have to spend your money to get Bitcoin. If you want to catch airdrops, Airdrop Alert is the best place. They list all the upcoming airdrops in their page.

Another method is doing Bounties. Similar to airdrops, when there is a new cryptocurrency project, the creators launch bounty programs. You’ll have to do various tasks following the rules of the bounty program. These tasks can be simple as following their social media pages. Sometimes there will be bigger tasks like creating youtube videos and writing articles to create more awareness for their project. The more tasks you do the more coins you will get. Finally, when you get your bounty rewards you may exchange those coins to get more Bitcoin. You can find available bounties at ICOdrops and BitcoinTalk.

Pros: No investment is required. Risk free.
Cons: The altcoins you get from Airdrops and Bounties can be worthless if the project fails.

Work and get paid in Bitcoin

Another effective method for getting Bitcoins is getting paid in Bitcoin for your work. You may ask your employer to pay your wage in Bitcoin. Nowadays there are companies who do give their employees the choice whether they want to get paid in Bitcoin or fiat.

If you are a freelancer, you can ask the person who hired you to pay you in Bitcoin.

Pros: You can convert your time to Bitcoin
Cons: Value of your work may get down due to Bitcoin’s market price fluctuations.

Earn Bitcoins with content creation

This is my favorite method of collecting bitcoin. Basically, this is like getting paid to what you already do with your social media apps.

The most famous social media platforms like facebook or twitter make money from their users’ contents, but they get to keep all the profits for themselves. Blockchain powered social media is now addressing this by enabling the end users to earn from their contents. This is gaining popularity among users every day because now they can earn money by doing the same things they did without getting paid. These social media platforms operate on different blockchains and you will get different cryptocurrencies as rewards. Once you get enough rewards you can transfer your earnings to a cryptocurrency exchange and convert it to Bitcoin.

Twetch (Twitter alternative), Steemit (Medium/ Reddit style alternative) and BitTube (Video streaming) are few platforms with a lot of future potential where you can earn a lot of money if you put out unique contents.

ShowBuzz, Memo and LaMint are some other social media platforms out there worth checking out.

Pros: Earning possibilities are endless, you get to earn while doing the same things you did in social media for the last decade.
Cons: You can’t change or delete content in most platforms since they are directly stored in the blockchain.


Get Bitcoins with Faucets

Bitcoin faucets are apps or websites which reward users a few Satoshis (1Bitcoin = 100 000 000 Satoshis) in regular intervals. Users have to claim the free satoshis regularly visiting the website and pressing a button. Early days this was a good option as the rewards were high. The first Bitcoin Faucet rewarded 5 Bitcoins per person. How crazy is that!

Nowadays faucets are not a good option since the rewards are low. It’s time consuming and most of the sites are full of adware and clickbait. So, you may try the faucets to get Bitcoins at your own risk.

Play games and win Bitcoin

This is ideal for people who like games. There are free games as well as traditional casino games where you can bet and win Bitcoin. The free games work as faucets, where you play the game, watch some advertisements and get few Satoshis as rewards. There is no harm in trying these free games and even earn few Satoshis when you want something to kill the time.

If you are interested in casinos, PeerGame is one of the best online casinos with instant Bitcoin (BSV) payouts. This long time operated casino offers the best user experience, and free rewards as well. Play at your own risk because gambling is always risky and the house always wins. 

I think now you have a good understanding of how to get bitcoins. We will discuss these methods in more details in the upcoming posts.


Getting Bitcoins can be quick and easy if you have money to spend. If you don’t, you’ll have to work your way up slowly and collect Bitcoins by doing various tasks. It’s not a bad thing. These methods are still very effective and you’ll have to get used to these if you really want to get Bitcoins. Trying these methods and select what’s the best strategy for you is up to you now.

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